The goal was to maximize coverage of the climate crisis and its impacts in the lead up to the United Nations Climate Summit on September 23. Below is a small sampling of the hundreds of stories that ran under the Covering Climate Now banner.

Select stories

September 23

Greta Thunberg condemns world leaders in emotional speech at UN | The Guardian

The endless bummer: 2019 was the warmest summer in modern history | The Guardian

‘How Dare You!’ Greta Thunberg Rebukes World Leaders | The Nation

Amazon Makes a Climate Pledge, But Not the One Employees are Asking For | Adweek

Scared Central Banks Face Up to Threats From Climate Change | Bloomberg

Meet the other Greta Thunbergs at the first-ever U.N. Youth Climate Summit | Grist

ONU: la Terre sur les épaules | Libération (France)

This Mumbai NGO Has Found a Way to Regrow the Dying Coral Reefs Off India’s Coasts | News18 (India)

Fiery calls to action at UN climate summit don't win pledges from worst emitters | PBS NewsHour

Global Warming May Dwindle the Supply of a Key Brain Nutrient | Scientific American

Apóstoles del negacionismo| La Tercera (Chile)

September 22

Countries must triple climate emission cut targets to limit global heating to 2C | The Guardian

Five-year period ending 2019 set to be hottest on record | Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Big Oil’s Future May Rest on Climate Debate Over Natural Gas | Bloomberg

From streets to halls of UN: youth demand climate action | Daily News Egypt (Egypt)

WHO Launches “Clean Air Coalition;” New Clean Air Fund To Be Announced Tomorrow | Health Policy Watch

Bolsonaro’s Brazil unlikely to achieve Paris Agreement goals: experts | Mongabay

The Climate Change Paradox: Slum Dwellers Contribute Least, But Bear the Maximum Brunt | News18 (India)

La Battala por El Planeta | El País (Spain)

Why there is cause for hope on climate change (Op-Ed) | Stuff (New Zealand)

A brief introduction to climate change and transportation | Yale Climate Connections

September 21

The climate strike in portraits: the signs, faces and reasons | The Guardian

'Millions' protest in youth-led global climate strike | Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Merkel’s Climate Deal Will Cost Billions And Everyone Hates It | Bloomberg

Cheap Gas Is Killing Nuclear, Green Power May Finish the Job | Bloomberg

Who should be in charge of America's ancient forests: industry or environmentalists? | CBS News

India to review impact of climate change on subcontinent by 2020 | The Hindustan Times (India)

A New Generation Of Activists Put Their Bodies On The Line to Defend California’s Forests |The Intercept

Desarrollo sustentable. El desafío de crecer sin devastar el planeta | La Nacion (Argentina)

In 50 Years, Sunderbans and Bengal Tigers May Vanish. These Kids Are Showing India How to Save Them | News18 (India)

Pacific Islanders did strike for climate in their own way | Pacific Environment Weekly

Why transitioning to only renewable energy will be difficult for the U.S. | PBS NewsHour

The President Who Wanted Us to Stop Climate Change | Slate

Climate Emergency Declarations Are the First Step. Here’s What Comes Next. (Op-Ed) | Truthout

We asked 8 young people why they joined the global climate strike | Vox

September 20

Across the globe, millions join biggest climate protest ever | The Guardian

The sinking class: the New Yorkers left to fight the climate crisis alone | The Guardian

The US Navy Has a Water Problem | The Nation

Podcast: Climate collaboration—three hundred outlets, one billion viewers | Columbia Journalism Review

‘There’s nothing there:’ Bahamian reporters weather Dorian, and the international press | Columbia Journalism Review

Global warming outpacing steps to protect Tokyo Olympic athletes | The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

Want to Prevent California’s Katrina? Grow a Marsh | Bay Nature

America’s Great Climate Exodus Is Starting in the Florida Keys | Bloomberg

Researchers think they know what’s causing record water levels on and flooding around the Great Lakes: climate change | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Desertification in India: A livestock keeper says how his stock has plummeted | Down to Earth (India)

Young People Are Leading the Way on Climate Change, and Companies Need to Pay Attention | Harvard Business Review

As climate crisis deepens, wildlife adapts, maybe with lessons for us | Mongabay

“What About China?” Is a Bad Response to the Climate Crisis | The New Republic

Why extreme climate scenarios no longer seem so unlikely | PBS NewsHour

Meet the Lawyers Beating Back Trump’s Reckless Environmental Policies — and Winning | Rolling Stone

How Ilhan Omar's Daughter Isra Hirsi Is Connecting the Fight Against Climate Change to Black Lives | The Root

Millions in Asia at risk from melting of world's 'third pole’ | The Straits Times

Disabled People Cannot Be “Expected Losses” in the Climate Crisis (Op-Ed) | Truthout

12 excuses for climate inaction and how to refute them | Vox

Report: Federal Home Buyouts Take Too Long | WWNO (New Orleans, La.)

September 19

What Would Real Commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement Look Like? | The Nation

Q&A: Michael Mann on coverage since ‘Climategate’ | Columbia Journalism Review

Drought, Wildfires Inflict Double Whammy on Indonesian Crops | Bloomberg

Climate Change Could Derail Your Retirement | Bloomberg

How The Climate Change Conversation Leaves Out Rural Women | Bustle

Amnesty Head: Climate Crisis Is a “Death Penalty” for Humanity. Leaders Need Political Will to Act | Democracy Now!

How Big Agriculture Is Preventing Farmers From Combating the Climate Crisis | Rolling Stone

Cashing In on Climate Change | Slate

Environmental activism finds a home in India | The Straits Times (Singapore)

4 Climate Activists Explain Why the Climate-Justice Movement Needs Feminism | Teen Vogue

5 Climate Change Myths Debunked | Teen Vogue

“Are we screwed?”: Jay Inslee on climate chande sticker shock and why Trump’s plan will bankrupt America | Vanity Fair

Greta Thunberg is not alone in her climate activism | Vox

September 18

How TV weathercasters became the unsung heroes of the climate crisis | The Guardian

The UN Secretary General Urges Public Pressure to Address the Climate ‘Emergency’ | The Nation

We’re Fueling the Next Global Extinction | The Nation

Why newsrooms are resistant to collaboration when covering climate | Columbia Journalism Review

For many reporters covering climate, population remains the elephant in the room | Columbia Journalism Review

Drought, poor rice harvest signs of climate change in Southeast Asia | The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

U.N. Secretary General says climate change poses a "global risk" ahead of summit | CBS News

The Climate Crisis Is Poised to Make Huge Swaths of America Totally Uninsurable | The Daily Beast

António Guterres: “La naturaleza está enfadada y te devuelve el golpe” | El País (Spain)

Out of Time: Listening to the climate’s clock | Lapham’s Quarterly

The hard truths of climate change — by the numbers | Nature

Why I welcome a climate emergency | Nature

What rising temperatures in the Gulf of Maine mean for the state’s lobster industry | PBS NewsHour

The Lawless Frontier at the Heart of the Burning Amazon | Rolling Stone

"El cambio climático se transformó en el problema más importante para nuestras sociedades": secretario general de la ONU | Univision

The University of California system is ending its investment in fossil fuels | Vox

September 17

The silenced: meet the climate whistleblowers muzzled by Trump | The Guardian

Only a Global Green New Deal Can Save the Planet | The Nation

Turning newspapers into climate-change art | Columbia Journalism Review

Eric Holthaus v. the climate crisis | Columbia Journalism Review

When the U.S. Navy ended its climate task force, Arctic issues were sidelined too, experts say | Arctic Today

Race is on to develop rice, fruit strains that are resilient to heat | The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

Scientists will face polar bears, isolation and darkness on Arctic mission to study climate change | CBS News

Pacific Ocean "blob" harming marine life made worse by climate change | CBS News

Will Hawaii lead the renewable revolution? | The Christian Science Monitor

“Our village has disappeared”: Four critical challenges to the health sector from the Pacific | Croakey (Australia)

Stop Pretending Your Trash Is Recyclable | Lifehacker

End the drought in drought research (Op-Ed) | Nature

Antarctica: Drilling into the past to predict the future | Newsroom (New Zealand)

Forest fires 16,000km away affect Singapore | The Straits Times (The Singapore)

My Home Is Already Being Destroyed by Climate Change | Teen Vogue

Climate Change Could Erase Human History. These Archivists Are Trying to Save It | Vice

September 16

'Like a sunburn on your lungs': how does the climate crisis impact health? | The Guardian

Why Next Monday’s UN Climate Action Summit Matters | The Nation

A new beginning for climate reporting | Columbia Journalism Review

Young People Sending 'SOS Signal' Ahead of Climate Summit, Says UN Youth Envoy | Cheddar

The Human Cost of Climate Change Destroying Families and Threatening Livelihoods | Daily Mirror (UK)

“Biological Annihilation”: The Danger of Opening Alaska’s ANWR to Oil & Gas Drilling | Democracy Now!

Fossil fuel companies roll out a new era of spin | Grist

This summer, Canada’s land of ice was on fire | Maclean’s (Canada)

Would Pope Francis back the Green New Deal? | The National Catholic Reporter

The Blood-Dimmed Tide: Climate change is poised to alter the face of global conflict | The New Republic

Climate Change Is Having Widespread Health Impacts | Scientific American

Suddenly, TV News Is Warming Up to Climate Change | Variety

September 15

'We have a once-in-century chance': Naomi Klein on how we can fight the climate crisis (Book excerpt) | The Guardian

Climate cartoons: an illustrated guide to a major new climate crisis poll | The Guardian

Most Americans say climate change should be addressed now | CBS News

Younger Americans views' on climate change: More serious, yet more optimistic | CBS News

Most Americans think climate change contributes to extreme weather events | CBS News

Greenland ice melt: Cold War camp and its hazardous remains could be exposed within decades | Channel 4 (UK)

'You have no choice but to care:' In coal-centric WV, climate change discussion starting to grow | The Charleston Gazette-Mail

Global warming hot spots pass safe limit | Climate News Network (UK)

Climate Activists Don’t Know How to Talk to Christians | The Daily Beast

Attacks on Greta Thunberg Are About More Than Anti-Environmentalism | DeSmog (UK)

Climate Science: Required by New Hampshire Law | InDepthNH

Industrialized Militaries Are a Bigger Part of the Climate Emergency Than You Know | The Intercept

Climate Change: is this our next ‘moonshot moment’? | Newsroom (New Zealand)

Climate Lessons: Deciphering the messages of melted ice | Stuff (New Zealand)

Javier Bardem on Greenpeace Documentary ‘Sanctuary’ and How Hollywood Can Spread the Climate Change Message | Variety

How extreme weather threatens people with disabilities | Yale Climate Connections


Naomi Klein: 'We are seeing the beginnings of the era of climate barbarism' | The Guardian; Sept. 14, 2019

Climate activist Greta Thunberg on the power of a movement | PBS NewsHour; Sept. 13, 2019

The Water Wars Are Here | The New Republic; Sept. 13, 2019

A new commitment to covering the climate story | Columbia Journalism Review; July 26, 2019

Transforming the media’s coverage of the climate crisis | Columbia Journalism Review; May 22, 2019

Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment | The Guardian; May 17, 2019

The media are complacent while the world burns | Columbia Journalism Review; Apr. 22, 2019